Circuit Factree


Mechanical Engineering

Our dedicated and professional engineers bring out the best creative solutions for technical challenges. We provide solutions per customer’s requirement, production feasibility and commercial demands with competitive cost but par excellence quality.

Assessing and Testing your mechanical designs

Testing design concepts at an early stage will expose any plausible risks or hindrances involved at an early stage. Detecting threats at the elementary stage will cut back on unexpected expenses.
After the complete review of the results, the next step is to get into functional prototyping, physical testing and volume production.

Virtual Simulations

Simulation analysis is the means of validating and verifying your product at a low cost. CAD simulation assures us that the product will work well. It is the most acceptable way of risk assessment. Our experts perform detailed simulations with entire geometry and system-level analysis with exceptional tools. This gives users a complete insight into the production process as a whole and mitigates any risks involved.