Circuit Factree


Manufacturing Support

Once we receive your idea, we provide factory setup and assistance to guarantee a smooth transition to volume production.

Production planning at an early stage

Did you know that during the early design stage of the product development process, most of a product’s cost is locked in? The finest solutions begin with incorporating manufacturing knowledge into the very early concept stage of design when it matters the most.

Selecting components

Finding dependable part suppliers both locally and abroad is critical. Instead of producing new unique parts, the design team starts with accurate information about potential components which can be utilised. It decreases churn throughout downstream development, prototyping, and testing by picking suppliers and parts early on. Late in the design phase, changing part suppliers will result in redesigning other parts affected by the change.
Early supplier selection allows you to lock in predictable product costs. This helps with cost-price targets during early sales and distribution discussions.

Mechanical part sourcing

Finding the proper component for a particular function while staying within budget might be difficult. Quality, cost, and lead times can all affect your manufacturing transition.
Knowing where to look and who to ask is crucial, and it takes practice and knowledge to do so. We find off-the-shelf (OTS) plastic, metal, rubber, and composite parts made by a range of manufacturers using a variety of procedures, then assist you in selecting the best one. We oversee the process if a component or subassembly requires minor adjustment.

Electronic component sourcing

Electronic parts, like mechanical parts, can be purchased off-the-shelf (OTS) or customised to meet specific requirements. What path you take will be determined by several considerations, including function, cost, lead times, and the possibility of single-source or end-of-life supply risks in the future.
We design and source electronic components such as printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs), cables, connectors, switches, displays, and other items. In some cases, we can modify an off-the-shelf electronic component to fit your specific requirements.

High-level cost estimates

Our clients benefit from our expertise, contacts, and existing supplier ties, which enable us to deliver early estimates for essential parts and components. This allows you to estimate product costs early on for business planning needs.
Getting cost targets for parts and bespoke tooling early on aids business planning for unit cost and pricing. Cost estimating is necessary for the design team to make informed decisions as they consider different approaches while improving product features.

Supplier and production quality assurance

Quality control during mass production is critical to your company’s success. It’s never easy to achieve low defect rates for dozens of crucial operating components.
Product files, factory visits, and QA documentation are part of our manufacturing set-up assistance, which helps speed up the move to volume production.