Circuit Factree


Industrial Design

Our industrial design team experts and our experienced and highly-skilled product engineers produce excellent end-products as per customer’s requirements.

Analysis of your product concept

Our team of professionals understand your product vision. They are wholly committed to guiding you from the early stages of identifying the target user and projecting your product goal onto the paper through sketching. Our team works seamlessly to create comprehensive product models; after analysing its production feasibility and commercial demands, we convert these concept ideas into unblemished final products.
To allow feedback from customers, users, and other stakeholders, the final design concepts are captured in 3D CAD models.

Designing your new product

Designing is the most significant step in product manufacture as it exemplifies the brand and vision of the product. We build physical prototypes which provide a quintessential experience for the user.

Adopting Cutting-Edge Technology

Our adoption of the latest advanced technology aid users to review and revamp multiple concept solutions. We bring your product concepts to life by using sophisticated prototype methods, including 3D printing. 3D printing allows us to create a comprehensive digital model that can be modelled to meet customer’s demands.