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Customized Dedicated Server

Build Your Own Server

Dedicated server means more space, more bandwidth, more RAM and more resources. This is a perfect solution for big sized online businesses and large websites that have huge amounts of visitors and traffic. For example: gaming servers, online communication portals, complicated E-commerce websites, etc.

Custom Build Server

Achieve the highest performance for your application and workflow with our custom server solutions. Build your customized server with your choice of components, capabilities and features. Your server, your way!

Your needs define your server. Select the server component specifications, OS, and other configuration settings based on your business application, and get the best business outcomes.

Workstations For Traders

Circuit Factree meets all your needs with an array of powerful workstations, designed especially for traders. We have workstations from popular brands that come with high processing power and dual-processor systems. Their greater reliability and convenient management help eliminate downtime which can prove costly for your trading business. Your traders can monitor better and get more clarity with the multiple displays supported by these workstations.

Workstations for traders come with huge storage capacities along with the backup storage provision. They can store massive amounts of data for you and back it up also. Their SSD storage drives offer more speed, reliability, power efficiency, and robustness.



All applications that work with the best supported operating system so here at Circuit Factree you have a choice of operating system, you can choose either Linux or Windows. Our technical team is perfectly compliant to support you with both of them.


Our dedicated server packages have been designed in a very economical way. From small sized businesses to corporate level businesses can afford them very easily. Does it seem costly for a dedicated server? The comprehensive variety of cost and required hardware lets you choose a server solution that exactly meets your business requirements.