Circuit Factree


About Us

Circuit Factree is a leading product design company, working relentlessly for providing the best plausible deliverable corresponding to your specified requirements. Our parent-company Universal Circuits has been a proud member of the PCB manufacturing industry for the past 30 years.
At Circuit Factree, we understand the significance of design and its relationship with customer loyalty. We firmly believe that the art of product designing is all about understanding the customer’s requirements and pain points and figuring out ways to solve them. We create your product, test it and refine it until it’s ready to hit the market. Our product designers look for opportunities to fill a need other products don’t.
We take understanding the customer’s needs very seriously. Our mission is to wholly understand our customer’s needs; analyze the ways to achieve customers’ goals; coming up with creative(out of the box) solutions to probable issues; creating the ideal product of customers’ end-product expectations.
Some of our services include simulation of schematics, PCB designing, fabrication, prototyping, testing, remodeling and designing the end-product as per customer’s requirements. It’s our highest priority that we provide you with an exemplary experience exceeding your expectations and redefining the meaning of an ideal product.
Our process includes multifarious iterations and reiterations which assist in mitigating any risks associated with the product volume production and produces concrete ideas and tangible prototypes that can be viewed, analysed, tested and refined.
Circuit Factree’s projects have been empowering the fields of embedded, power industry, wireless technologies, medical, automobile, access controls, agriculture, textile, automation and healthcare industry.

Why Us?

You Dream, We Design.

Circuit Factree is equipped with a team of technically sophisticated and dedicated experts who make it certain that the customers are supplied with products according to their requirements. We provide the best tools for analysis and to transform your dream into the best possible reality.

Breathing life into your product.
You dream, we design.